Seamless calendar integration for corporate travelers
Give your travelers the ultimate levels of service and satisfaction with Infotriever – automatically update their travel itineraries, directly in their calendars!
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Add Infotriever to your travel booking process.
Your travelers’ itineraries are automatically delivered into their calendars!
Seamless integration of investment events in the calendar
Infotriever enables the automatic delivery and updating of investment events for investment managers – instantly and automatically.
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Financial Services
Your Investment Manager subscribers set up their watch lists, and view their tracked events.
Their tracked events are automatically delivered and updated into their calendars!
Seamless event integration into your customers’ calendars
Infotriever enables your customers to easily add your events into their calendars.
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Add Infotriever to your website or emails promoting your events.
Your events are automatically added directly into your customers’ and prospects’ calendars!
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